A Rhinoplasty, or as it is commonly known, a ‘nose job’, is a surgical procedure carried out to alter the shape or size of the nose.

It can change the appearance of the bridge, tip or nostrils of the nose. The exact nature of the surgery varies depending on the patient; procedures can either increase or decrease the size of the nose, or change the shape or angle of the nose.

The circumstances under which patients have this surgery vary. A Rhinoplasty procedure can resolve congenital defects or respiratory conditions. It can also aesthetically enhance the appearance of the nose. Additionally, this procedure can be performed following excision of cancerous cells to reconstruct the nose.

A Rhinoplasty procedure is a significant and complex surgery, and is usually carried out using general anaesthetic. The recovery period can take many weeks, and there is the potential for serious life-altering complications related to breathing or cosmetic appearance.

There are a number of post-surgical signs that may indicate your treatment has been negligent which can lead to a nose job claim. 

These include:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Decreased sense of smell or taste
  • Nerve damage
  • Damage to the cartilage wall
  • Damage to the septum (the divide between two nostrils)
  • Poor aesthetic or uneven outcome
  • Infection
  • Blood clots

Concerned that your Rhinoplasty procedure was negligent? Come to us for expert advice.

Our specialist team have healthcare expertise and over 25 years’ experience, we have recovered millions of pounds for our clients in compensation. Our goal from the start is to work with you and guide you through each step of the process. We can see you wherever is convenient for you, be that in our offices in London or the North West of England, at home or in hospital.

The majority of our nose job claims are dealt with by our firm on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that if we do not succeed in your rhinoplasty compensation claim, you will not have to pay anything.

If we can prove your case we will be able to recover damages for you as well as the cost of revision surgery if appropriate, loss of earnings and any other expenses you have incurred.

Frequently asked questions

How is a Rhinoplasty procedure carried out?

In most cases, the procedure is carried out under general anesthetic and will involve one or more incisions on either the outside or inside of the nostrils. On the outside is known as ‘open rhinoplasty’ and the inside is known as ‘closed rhinoplasty’. Cartilage may be removed or reshaped. Sometimes cartilage is added by taking it from other parts of the body like the ears or hip bone. The surgeon will separate the skin from the soft tissue and then corrects the perceived defect. 

In all cases a surgeon will owe a duty of care throughout the process - from pre-op right through to rehabilitation. To bring a claim for negligence, it needs to be established that this duty of care has been breached, falling below the standards of what is expected of a reasonably competent surgeon. The claimant must then show that this breach has caused them some loss. This could be physical loss, but could also be emotional or financial loss too.