After a series of complications and complaints, an investigation has found unsafe medical devices are currently being placed in patients’ bodies.

The devices include pacemakers, spinal rods, contraceptives, artificial knees and hips, all of which are widely required across the UK.

The investigation found that these devices were being approved with inadequate or failed testing, some of which was only conducted on baboons or dead bodies.

It appears the manufacturers of these devices have been able to “shop around” a variety of health organisations until one of them approved their product.

Prof Derek Alderson, president of the Royal College of Surgeons, is prompting the government to address the necessary changes urgently.

“There needs to be compulsory registration of every new device and implant that goes into a patient in the United Kingdom,” he said.

Medical Negligence Lawyer of Cosmetic Surgery Claims Ramune Mickeviciute has dealt with a number of similar cases, believing these changes have been needed for quite some time.

“Patients’ health is in danger if inappropriate devices are used. This creates situations for the medical negligence to occur,” she said

“However, doctors sometimes might get away with negligence even if they use devices that are not safe. This is mainly because there is no proper system in place regulating which devices should be avoided.

“Therefore, a better system is needed to make sure that all devices are properly tested before they are approved. This would also help to ensure that patients have better chances to succeed in claims when wrong devices are used.”

It has been reported that the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency has a well-considered and robust process in place to support the regulation of new medical devices, which is expected to see safety concerns followed up quickly and with great care.

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